Condominium Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Condominiums are ideal housing units used by many Singaporeans today. As the population continues to grow, quite a number of them are coming up. To be able to provide comfortable and safe living environments for residents, the flats require thorough and regular cleaning and maintenance. Without that, the premises could easily degenerate into health and environmental hazards for not only the residents but, the surrounding areas too.

The best way to keeping condominiums clean and safe is through professional cleaning and maintenance service. Having professionals to handle the cleaning, conservancy and maintenance of your condos will not only impact a good facial impression but, also keep the property in proper condition, thus, enhancing its overall value. On the other hand, professional condominium cleaning and maintenance service will save you time and money.

At Cleaning Singapore, we offer the best condominium cleaning and maintenance service that caters for both the external and internal structures of the premises. Even if the residents are responsible for cleaning their own homes, we still go a step further to ensure that all the facilities therein are in pristine condition are safe. In this way, the occupants will never be bothered with having to do overwhelming cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Whenever you acquire professional condominium cleaning, conservancy and maintenance from our company, you will also be able to save a lot of money in the long term. Regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance will ensure all the facilities and structures of the property are carefully inspected for immediate repairs and replenishments. This impacts convenience while also saving you from the hassles and huge costs of frequent repairs.

Comprehensive Condominium Cleaning and Maintenance Service

At Cleaning Singapore, we understand condos are usually constructed in diverse designs and sizes. As a result of this, we always pursue unique approaches in cleaning, conservancy and maintenance procedures, tailored to the conditions of the flats and their features. There are numerous areas that we cover in our condominium cleaning and maintenance service. These include but, not limited to the following;

Entrances and lobby areas

After a proper inspection of the property, our personnel will clear all the rubbish, sweep, scrub and mop the entrances to the flats and the lift lobby areas. Using the recommended products, we damp wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the lobby areas and lifts. Besides, we will also dust cobwebs all around the areas.

Facilities rooms and toilets

Our personnel will also vacuum the carpeted areas, sweep and mop the staircases and, also clear all the waste bins. In case the flats have gym equipment and furniture, glass partitions and doors, we will also damp wipe them. As for the toilets, we will properly scrub and wash the floors, cubicles and bowls. Our personnel will also damp wipe the toilet walls and, replenish the supplies.

Car park areas

We will sweep and clear all the litter in the parking area, then apply pressure washing to keep them tidy and in order. Besides, our personnel can also properly dust all the cobwebs, ensuring better visibility at the car park.

BBQ Pit area, Bin Chute and Refuse station

While doing cleaning and maintenance for your condo, we will also clean the BBQ pit, sweep and mop floors and clear all the rubbish in the surrounding areas. To keep the bin chute efficient and in proper condition, we will also clear all the garbage and wash it. We use pressure washing with disinfectants for bin chutes and refuse stations to effectively eliminate tough waste residues that cause blockage, kill germs and eliminate bad odours.

Surrounding areas

The cleaning and maintenance task is never complete if the areas around the flats are not cleared of garbage and well tendered. Thus, we also collect litter and sweep the surrounding areas and, perform pressure washing at least once a month. These will ensure all the occupants of the flats have a more appealing and friendly living environment.

Hire Professional Condominium Cleaning & Maintenance Singapore

Now that you clearly understand the importance of professional condominium cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service, make the bold step ahead and talk to us. We have the expertise to help you keep your condominium clean, safe and in proper condition for greater value over time.