Church, Temple & Mosque Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Churches, temples and mosques are religious establishments where people come to worship and get spiritual nourishment. As the saying goes, ‘’cleanliness is next Godliness,’’ there is no question about whether religious settings should be kept tidy and organized. Keeping your church, temple and mosque clean and hygienic will ensure believers always have a peaceful and safe place to practice their faith.

If the church, temple or mosque is kept clean and in proper condition throughout, you can also be able to maintain a good image for your faith. While this may not necessarily attract many people to the establishment, it could go a long way in portraying a better picture of not only the property but, faith. On the other hand, a rusty religious setting with dirty floors and washrooms can be a great health and safety risk to the congregation.

Even if the spaces area used by worshipers just once or a few times a week, it is critical that they remain tidy and in proper order throughout. This will offer worshippers the desired peace and calm to focus on their spiritual activities. Besides, it will also ensure them better protection against infections that result from poor sanitation. In case you own the property, proper cleaning and maintenance could also help you preserve its value over time.

Professional Church, Temple & Mosque Cleaning and Maintenance Singapore

While most churches, temples and mosques are usually very large in size, there are also others set up in limited spaces across Singapore. Regardless of the size of your religious setting, cleaning and maintenance can always be a challenge considering the congregations are mainly comprised of people with different daily occupations. Even if they visit the church, temple or mosque daily, getting time to do the cleaning and maintenance as well as attend to their other daily activities can be uphill task.

The most convenient option for making sure that your church, temple and mosque stays clean and organized is through hiring professional cleaning and maintenance service. At Cleaning Singapore, we are the trusted partner that you should always look up to for professional church, temple and mosque cleaning and maintenance Singapore. Our company serves a wide range of religious organizations in Singapore, offering reliable and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services.

To us, cleaning and maintenance is not just about sweeping, mopping floors and wiping walls and windows. Instead, we focus on tailor made cleaning and maintenance services that will enable you create the most appealing, clean and safe environment for your congregation. Having been doing professional cleaning and maintenance for a long time, our personnel is trained and equipped with the best equipment and products to ensure that every job is handled effectively and safely at the convenience of the congregation.

In our work, we always strive to cover as many areas as possible so your religious spaces are kept clean and in order both inside out.

Entryways, hallways and stairs

Whenever you hire us, our personnel will collect all the litter and sweep the entryways to the property. Then, we will also sweep and mop the hallways and stairs. For hardwood and carpeted floors, we will perform hardwood maintenance, vacuuming and carpet cleaning respectively.

Pulpits and main gathering areas

Using innovative cleaning equipment and green products, we will also properly remove all the cobwebs, sweep, mop and vacuum the pulpits and main gathering areas for the congregation. While doing this, we will also dust and wipe the furniture, ceilings and other accents in the church, temple and mosque. We also perform window cleaning.

In case the church, temple and mosque have separate gathering areas for adults, youth and kids or males and females, we will also thoroughly clean all of them.


Apart from the above areas, we also conduct professional cleaning and maintenance of the offices in churches, temples and mosques. In this area, we will sweep and mop the floors, wipe the walls, furniture and surfaces.


For better sanitation, we also do the cleaning and maintenance of toilets and urinals. Regardless of the conditions of the washrooms, our personnel will effectively clean and disinfect all the units as well as stock up their supplies.

Simply talk to us for professional church, temple and mosque cleaning and maintenance Singapore.