Building Cleaning and Maintenance Service

If you own a commercial building, you will agree to the fact that a clean surrounding is always an integral aspect of attracting clients and preserving the overall value of the property. Whether the building is used by just one entity or multiple businesses, the most efficient way to ensuring a clean and safe environment for all is through hiring professional building cleaning and maintenance.

There are numerous benefits that you can experience whenever you acquire professional cleaning and maintenance service for your commercial building. One of them is that it will enable you to avoid issues like, frequent accidents and health risks. Hiring professional building cleaning and maintenance service will also give your employees an ample time to focus on their core responsibilities, thus, encouraging productivity.

Obtaining professional building cleaning and maintenance service can also significantly impact the appeal and perception of your business. Professionals will effectively clean the inside and surrounding areas of the building, giving it a top notch look that easily attracts customers. A clean and tidy business space also promotes a sense of order and efficiency in your entire operations.

At Cleaning Singapore, we are the right partner that you can always trust to provide professional building cleaning and maintenance service Singapore. Regardless of the size or location of the building, our company has the expertise to help you keep it clean, safe and attractive over time. In our work, we always emphasize on the provision of highly reliable and affordable building cleaning and maintenance service.

What We Offer

We understand commercial buildings have varying designs and features, which require unique cleaning and maintenance approaches. As a result of this, our personnel will first conduct an inspection of your building to ascertain the features, facilities and its overall condition. Our building cleaning and maintenance service covers several areas both inside and around the property.

Entrances and lobby

The entrances and lobbies are the areas where visitors will see whenever they get to the building. As such, we will clean the areas by collecting all the litter, sweeping and mopping the floors. In case the entrances, common areas and lobby are carpeted, we will also properly vacuum them. Our personnel will also damp wipe the doors and furnishings at the lobby.

Stair cases, lifts and windows

Stair cases and lifts are important accessibility features for your building that must also be kept clean and in proper condition. Our service will cater for the sweeping and mopping of stair cases. Besides, we will also wipe the down the interiors of the lifts and all the windows on the building.


To ensure proper hygiene across the building, we will also do the cleaning of all the toilets and urinals therein. Our personnel will scrub, mop and sanitize the urinals, toilet bowls and floors, leaving the washrooms fresh and healthy. For convenience, we will also stock up the toilet supplies.

Parking areas

We will collect all the litter and sweep the car park and surrounding areas. Besides, we will also remove all the cobwebs and other unwanted material at the car park. To keep the parking areas clean, we will also do pressure washing at least once a week.

Bin chute and waste collection station

While conducting building cleaning and maintenance, we will also empty the waste bins and put replacements. Our personnel will also wash the bin chute to ensure it is working properly. Upon completion, we will also pick up all the wastes at the collection station for disposal.

Whenever you hire us for building and maintenance service, we will also go a step further to tidy up the areas around the property. In fact, we can also extend the service to other parts of the building like, break rooms, storage spaces and staff offices. This will not only ensure a clean work space but, also lasting attractive presence to give the building a unique edge.

Get the Best Building Cleaning & Maintenance Service Singapore

Finding the right company for building cleaning and maintenance service Singapore has been a challenge to many in the past. But, we are now giving you the opportunity to get the best at your convenience. Talk to us today for professional building cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.