Ship Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Ships are vessels used to transport both people and goods. As a result of this, they always play an integral role in keeping the world moving. However, they can only serve this role with efficiency if they are kept in proper conditions. While there are several procedures that should be performed regularly to ensure the vessels stay in order, cleaning and maintenance is among the key requirements that every ship owner must observe.

Unlike cars, the cleaning and maintenance of ships is not a very easy task that you can simply delegate to the crew or other employees. Besides the unique cleaning and maintenance skills and products required for ship cleaning, the tasks can also be quite overwhelming to regular cleaners. Without the help of a cleaning professional, a lot of things can go wrong, costing you huge sums of money and inconvenience.

In case you own a ship used for moving guests, keeping the vessel tidy and in order is always key to offering them a conducive and safe atmosphere to enjoy their cruise. Besides, the regular cleaning and maintenance of your ship can also go a long way in ensuring better performance while also preserving its value for many years to come. For commercial ships, professional cleaning and maintenance could also give the business an outstanding image.

Professional Ship Cleaning and Maintenance Service Singapore

While some ship operators usually leave it to their employees to handle the cleaning and maintenance of their vessels, it is not always a good approach to pursue. Proper ship cleaning and maintenance requires special equipment, products and techniques, which can be a great challenge for your employees to comprehend. This means, having them do the cleaning and maintenance of the ship is a waste of time that would only result into poor work.

The best way to ensuring your ship is accorded proper cleaning and maintenance is through professional service. And, Cleaning Singapore is the right company that you should engage for professional ship cleaning and maintenance service. We have a team of highly trained and experienced personnel to make sure that your ship is effectively and safely cleaned in the quickest turnaround.

In our work, we always emphasize on comprehensive ship cleaning and maintenance service that covers both inside and the external features of the vessel. Our goal is to ensure your ship stays tidy and in proper condition throughout.

Cleaning interior compartments and surfaces

To ensure an ample atmosphere for your passengers, we will clean and maintain all the interior compartments and surfaces of the ship. Besides vacuuming, washing and wiping the interiors, we will also sterilize the areas using safe chemicals to prevent the risks of infection.

While cleaning the interior of the ship, we focus on all compartments including, the captain and other crew’s compartments as well as those of passengers.

Mold remediation

Since ships are used on water, the growth of mold is a common occurrence that can easily impact health risks. Our company uses environmentally friendly techniques and products for mold remediation to effectively all the molds from all the surfaces and air ducts.

Cleaning of galley exhaust hood

The galley exhaust hood is a common spot for oils and grease, which we will also properly erase to eliminate risks of fire and accidents.

Duct and HVAC cleaning

For proper sanitation and circulation of air in the ship, we also do the cleaning of conduits and air duct systems. Our personnel will properly clear all the debris and other substances to prevent blockage, wash and sterilize the duct and HVAC.

Removal of asbestos

A known carcinogen, asbestos is a very dangerous substance with greater health risks on humans. Our personnel are well trained and equipped with the right cleaning equipment and products to safely remove all traces of asbestos from your cruise ship.

At Cleaning Singapore, we are always keen on reliable ship cleaning and maintenance service delivered at the convenience of every client. Regardless of the schedule of your cruise ship, we can always make sure that the cleaning and maintenance procedures are done effectively, safely and in the shortest time for unrivalled convenience. Contact us today for the best ship cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.