Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance Service

In the hospitality business, cleanliness and hygiene are basic requirements that must always be met to attract and retain customers. Whether you own just a small hotel or large resort that hosts huge numbers of guests, it is of great importance that the rooms, other accommodation items and the surrounding areas are kept clean and in proper condition at all times.

While there are many options that hospitality businesses can pursue for the cleaning and maintenance of their premises, hiring professional hospitality cleaning and maintenance service is always the most efficient approach. Professionals will not only save you time and money but, also ensure the effective and safe cleaning of the entire property.

Whenever you hire professional hospitality cleaning and maintenance service, you will be able to effortlessly create a conducive and safe environment for both the workers and guests. In fact, this could also significantly boost the morale of your employees, offering them an ample time to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Tidy and fresh boarding facilities can easily give your business an attractive appeal, helping you retain many customers. Professional hospitality cleaning and maintenance can also go a long way in preserving the value of the property over time. At Cleaning Singapore, we can help you achieve all the above benefits.

The Best Hospitality Cleaning and Maintenance Service in Singapore

Although regular cleaners can help with cleaning the rooms and other common sections of your hotel or resort, they are never effective in their actions. That is why it is always advisable to let professionals do the cleaning and maintenance for your hospitality business. With us, you are always guaranteed that the entire property including the surrounding areas will be accorded proper and safe treatments.

At Cleaning Singapore, we emphasize on tailor made hospitality cleaning and maintenance service, which is administered based on the condition of the property and expectations of the customers. Before we begin the cleaning and maintenance procedures, our personnel will perform a preliminary inspection on the premises to ascertain its state and the most suitable approaches for cleaning and maintenance.


To ensure that your guests are always greeted to a warm and inviting reception, we will thoroughly clean the lobby and all its components. Our personnel will collect litter, remove cobwebs, sweep and mop the floors. In case the lobby has furniture and other furnishings, we will also carefully clean them through dusting and wiping.

For lobbies that are carpeted or fitted with wooden floors, we will also conduct proper vacuuming, polishing and other recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures. While cleaning the lobby, we will also wipe down the lifts and other surfaces, leaving the area sparkling and fresh.

Guest rooms

Our company can also provide professional cleaning and maintenance services for all the guest rooms in your hotel or resort. Besides sweeping and mopping the floors, we will also dust the furniture, clean the windows and doors. Since guest rooms usually have dedicated washrooms, we will also ensure the toilets and bathrooms are properly scrubbed and sanitized.

Conference rooms

In case your hotel or resort offers conference facilities, we will also clean and maintain the areas so your guests have a tidy and peaceful environment to conduct their businesses. This will involve the sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of the floors, wiping of the walls, furniture and other accents therein.

Recreational features

Our personnel also have the expertise, quality equipment and products to effectively and safely handle the cleaning and maintenance of recreational features like, swimming pools and gyms for your hotel.

Car park and surrounding areas

To ensure that your hotel is remains tidy and attractive throughout, we will also collect litter and sweep the car park. Depending on where the car park is located and its condition, we can also perform pressure washing once every week.

Apart from the above areas, our hospitality cleaning and maintenance service can also cover leisure rooms, windows, housekeeping, pest control, staff offices among other areas. Depending on your needs and budget, you can either opt for partial or comprehensive hospitality cleaning and maintenance service. Simply talk to us for the best hospitality cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.