Hospital & Clinic Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Healthcare institutions always require high standards of hygiene and sanitation to ensure the wellbeing of patients, visitors and the staff.  Without proper cleaning and maintenance of the environment and items used therein, it is very easy for infections to spread faster, putting all those who access the premises at greater health risks.

Unlike offices or retail stores, hospitals and clinics require special cleaning and maintenance equipment and products as well as expertise in performing the procedures. This means, leaving the tasks to regular cleaners and other hospital or clinic staff could not only put them at risk but, also result into poor workmanship.

The best way to keeping healthcare facilities clean and safe at all times is through hiring professional hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service. Professionals know the most suitable cleaning products, equipment and techniques to use in healthcare environments. Besides, they also understand the precautions of the job, ensuring better safety for all.

By choosing to acquire professional hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service, you will also be able to free your staff from the hassles of doing the chores on their own. This will not only put a smile on their faces but, also give them enough room to focus on their key responsibilities, thereby ensuring an improvement in productivity.

Highly Convenient Hospital & Clinic Cleaning and Maintenance Service

At Cleaning Singapore, we are always keen on the provision of reliable hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service that will truly meet your specific needs and budget. In our job, we recognize the fact that hospitals and clinics usually vary in terms of sizes and facilities. As a result of this, we always offer professional cleaning and maintenance service based on the condition of the healthcare facility and specific customer expectations.

Our company has a team of well trained personnel with many years’ experience in the cleaning and maintenance of healthcare facilities. Besides, we also have high tech equipment and the recommended safety gear to make sure that all the cleaning and maintenance tasks on your hospital or clinic are efficiently and safely conducted. To effectively fight off dirt, germs and other elements of infections, we always use quality and proven cleaning products.

Our hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service caters for all kinds of healthcare facilities including, dental clinics, nursing homes, medical laboratories, drug stores among others. Whether you operate an out-patient or in-patient clinic, our company is the right partner that can help you preserve proper hygiene and sanitation on the premises throughout. Our goal is to ensure a safe and friendly environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Procedures for Hospitals and Clinics

Lobby and reception area

One of the areas that we will clean and maintain in your hospital or clinic is the lobby and reception area. Our personnel will empty the dust bins, collect litter and sweep the entrances. The exercise will also extend to the mopping and vacuuming of the floors, dusting and wiping of furniture and furnishings therein.

Doctors, nurses and patients rooms

We will also properly sweep, mop or vacuum the floors for the doctors and patients rooms. Besides, our personnel will also dust and damp wipe all the surfaces and furniture including walls, door handles, upholstery, cabinets and counter tops using disinfectants to eliminate all the dirt and germs. We will also empty the bins, clean them and put new garbage collection papers.

Healthcare equipment

Our hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance also caters for the cleaning of various equipment and facilities used therein. However, we mainly focus on basic cleaning procedures that include dusting and wiping of the equipment as well as the spaces where they are kept.

Toilets and bathrooms

Our personnel will also thoroughly scrub and wash all the toilets, urinals and bathrooms using the recommended disinfectants to prevent risks of contaminations. Besides, we will also replenish your toilet and bathroom supplies.

Apart from the areas discussed above, our professional hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service also extends to the windows, laboratories, kitchen and break rooms, storage areas, car park, walkways and the surrounding areas. Simply get in touch with us for the best hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.