Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Swimming pools are an ideal recreational facility found in most residential and commercial property today. Although swimming pools usually vary in sizes and designs, all provide a suitable platform for swimming and other kinds of water aerobics. Even if you do not use the one on your property on a daily basis, taking a dive into the swimming pool once in a while can always go a long way in building cardiovascular endurance.

To ensure that your swimming pool stays clean and healthy throughout, cleaning and maintenance is one of the aspects that you should always give precedence. In fact, there are several benefits of proper swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. Besides just ensuring that the swimming pool is free of waste, bacteria and other unwanted materials that could harm swimmers, proper cleaning and maintenance also keeps the pool in good condition.

If your swimming pool is properly cleaned and maintained, you will also be able to preserve its value over time. During and cleaning, you are able to easily discover signs of problems before they degenerate into bigger issues that could affect the performance of the swimming pool. This could help you avoid huge costs of repair while also lengthening the lifespan of the pool. To experience all these benefits, it is always important that you let professionals handle the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool.

At Cleaning Singapore, we are the experts in swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service that you should engage to take proper care of your pool. We specialize in the cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools for both residential and commercial property across Singapore.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Singapore

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance is a critical procedure that should be performed regularly to ensure the pool stays safe and healthy. However, cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is not an easy task that you can simply wake up every day. Even if you have employees, leaving the tasks of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance cannot guarantee that the job will be done to standard.

At Cleaning Singapore, we have trained personnel with many years’ experience in professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to ensure that the job is done effectively, safely and at your convenience. Besides, we understand the recommended techniques and products for proper swimming pool cleaning, hence, a guarantee that your pool will be accorded the best care throughout.

In our job, we are always keen on tailor made swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service, conducted according to the unique expectations of every client. Before we begin the cleaning and maintenance procedures, our personnel will carefully inspect the swimming pool to ascertain its condition and determine the most suitable approaches and products to use. Besides, we will discuss with you beforehand, the particular cleaning and maintenance procedures that will be performed.

Depending on your expectations and the state of the swimming pool, you can either opt for the cleaning and maintenance of selected features or the whole swimming pool. However, we recommend comprehensive swimming pool cleaning and maintenance that covers the entire facility. This will ensure that swimmers are able to continue using the swimming pool without any fear.

There are many procedures that we offer in swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service. Some of these include;

  • Testing and correcting the acid levels
  • Cleaning of the swimming pool pump and weir basket
  • Collecting litter and clearing unwanted growth around the swimming pool
  • Proper inspection of the filters, filtration equipment and backwashing
  • Scrubbing and washing swimming pool tiles
  • Cleaning skimmers

While we usually conduct several other tasks in swimming pool cleaning and maintenance, our personnel can also provide customized procedures to enable you get the most of your swimming pool. In fact, we can even help you revive the life of a swimming pool that had long been neglected without any hassles.

Whenever you hire us for swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service, we will always make sure that you get the services in the shortest time to avoid any chance of inconvenience. Based on how frequent the pool is used, your budget and unique needs, we can perform the cleaning daily, weekly, monthly or any other preferable schedule. Simply talk to us for professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.