Office Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Having a clean office space offers numerous benefits both direct and indirect. Foremost, it will enable you create a conducive environment to do your work and, also meet clients. Besides, making sure your office is professionally cleaned and maintained will provide a sense of order therein, hence, promoting its facial appeal and comfort.

Hiring professional office cleaning and maintenance service can effectively drive out all forms of dirt and allergens from the environment, reducing the chances of you and others getting infections. Besides, it will also enable you create a more fulfilling and relaxed work space, contributing better concentration and enjoyment in performing the tasks at hand.

When your office is regularly cleaned and maintained by professionals, you will also be able to effectively drive the perception of your customers beyond just the products and services offered. A clean office space could make the entire business or organization look more organized, reliable and trustworthy, hence, driving customer traffic.

With a clean and orderly office space, all the people working therein have an ample time to focus on more critical aspects of your operations. The less time spent finding documents and tidying up the office could significantly cut down time, thereby impacting an improvement in the ways tasks are conducted therein for productivity.

Tailor-made Office Cleaning and Maintenance Service

At Cleaning Singapore, we understand offices usually have varying layouts and features, which require unique cleaning and maintenance approaches. Therefore, we always strive to deliver tailor made office cleaning and maintenance procedures, based on the conditions of the premises, features and items used therein as well as specific customer expectations.

Our office cleaning and maintenance service portfolio covers a wide range of areas and, entails a series of procedures to keep the spaces tidy, in order and safe. Regardless of the location or design of your office, we have the expertise, equipment and products to always provide outstanding cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Litter and waste management

Whenever you hire us for office cleaning and maintenance, we will properly collect all the litter in all the interior sections of and areas around the office as well as empty the trash bins and replace the trash bags. Our personnel will also remove all the cobwebs on the walls, ceilings and behind the cupboards.

Cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings

In case your office floors are carpeted, we will effectively vacuum them to drive out all the dirt, debris, bacteria and other allergens. For tile and wooden flooring, we will properly sweep and mop the surfaces. Our personnel will also go further to wipe down the walls and ceilings of your office.

Dusting fixtures and furniture

Room fixtures usually harbour a lot of dirt and germs, which also require thorough and regular dusting to eliminate health risks. Our personnel will safely dust and wipe all the fixtures including, wall hangings, partitions and other exposed features. With regards to furniture, we will also effectively wipe and clean all the chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, cupboards and countertops.

Wiping of windows, doors and partitions

Our office cleaning and maintenance service also caters for the wiping down of windows, doors and partitioning. We have the best cleaning products for both glass and wooden materials. For safety, we will also disinfect the door handles.

Cleaning restrooms

Our personnel will also make sure that the toilets and urinals in your office are effectively cleaned and disinfected.  In cleaning the restrooms, we will thoroughly scrub and sanitize the urinals, toilet bowls and seats. Besides, our personnel will also empty and replace the trash bins and, replace or refill the supplies.

Arrangement of the spaces

Sometimes, you may want to alter the set up of the office after cleaning. Even then, our personnel can still help you in arranging the furniture, fixtures and other items therein for convenience. As a result of this, you will be able to create a more conducive environment for work.

Hire Professional Office Cleaning & Maintenance Service Singapore

At Cleaning Singapore, we provide professional office cleaning and maintenance service that covers all the sections of the premises including, the common areas, break rooms, restrooms and surrounding areas. Contact us today for professional office cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.