Commercial and residential property owners often try to cut down their expenditure as much as possible. And, as a result of this, some may tend to think that doing away with professional cleaning services could be a smart move. But, the truth is, it will only leave you with an untidy and hazardous work and living environment. The following are key reasons why should consider hiring professional cleaning, conservancy and maintenance services.

Obtaining cleaning, conservancy and maintenance services from a professional will ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned using effective and safe sanitizing products to keep them tidy and healthy for both work and living. Hiring professional cleaning and maintenance services for your business will enable you create a more conducive work environment for employees, which could also significantly boost their morale.

Professional cleaning, conservancy and maintenance services are mainly aimed at improving hygiene in both work and living environments for greater safety and comfort. At Cleaning Singapore, that is what we stand for. Our company brings together a team of cleaning, conservancy and maintenance professionals with experience in the industry to always deliver highly reliable and outstanding workmanship in every task.

Our Professional Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Services

Residential Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service

One of the key areas that we focus on is residential cleaning, conservancy and maintenance. We clearly understand the importance of cleaning living areas and, have the expertise to efficiently handle all the tasks to standard. We have adequate personnel and equipment to provide the best workmanship even in larger residential property. Our company specializes in professional residential cleaning, conservancy and maintenance for the following;


Condominiums offer comfortable living environments for quite a number of residents in Singapore today. But, their comfort and safety can only be preserved if the property stays clean and in proper condition. At Cleaning Singapore, we offer comprehensive condominium cleaning and maintenance.

Town and Conservancy

Town conservancy or HDB as most people refer to them are another common residential unit for many Singaporeans. Since the units are usually occupied by different households, keeping them clean is often very challenging. The most efficient option is to acquire our HDB Town Conservancy cleaning and maintenance service.

Commercial Corporate Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service

Businesses always have a lot to gain from obtaining professional commercial cleaning, conservancy and maintenance services. Apart from just ensuring a safe and comfortable work spaces for your employees, it could also greatly change the perception of those who visit the premises. As a result, your workers will be more impressed and, probably improve on productivity. On the other hand, your customers too will feel much safer and visit more often.


At Cleaning Singapore, we also specialize in professional office cleaning and maintenance services. Our services cater for small, medium to large sized offices for single and multiple organizations across Singapore. Depending on your schedule, we can always provide reliable office cleaning and maintenance service at your own convenience.


Even if you own a commercial building that houses several businesses, our company can still deliver professional building cleaning and maintenance services so your tenants have a tidy and safe environment to conduct their activities.


In case you own or operate a resort, hotel or any other business that offers accommodation or hospitality services, you understand cleanliness and hygiene is an important factor that every client will always look into before booking. To avoid all the stress, simply get professional hospitality cleaning and maintenance service from our company.


Some retail stores usually have their workers do the cleaning but, even that comes at a great price since they often have to leave their work stations, which only contributes downtime and inefficiency. We can help you prevent all that with professional retail and shop cleaning and maintenance service.


Cleaning healthcare centres require expertise and specific equipment mainly due to the risks of infections and contaminations that cleaners, patients and other workers therein can be exposed to. The safest approach is to always hire professional hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service.

Pub and Bar

After a long night of alcohol and fun, revellers at pubs and bars usually leave behind a lot of mess that if not properly cleared could put the next customers and even workers at greater risks. To help keep the establishment safe and in proper condition throughout, we can provide regular or scheduled pub and bar cleaning and maintenance service.


Hygiene and cleanliness are key pillars of education known to students. But, keeping up with both academics and cleaning has remained a significant challenge. We offer professional school cleaning and maintenance service so students and teachers have enough time to focus on academics while also making sure that they have a healthy learning environment.

Shopping Centre

At Cleaning Singapore, we also specialize in professional shopping centre cleaning and maintenance service. Regardless of the size of the shopping centre, we can schedule regular or weekly cleaning and maintenance to keep the entire complex in top notch condition.


Our commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service also extends to airports, which are some of the most sensitive areas to clean. With us, you always have a team of professionals with experience in doing airport cleaning and maintenance to deliver timely, efficient and safe workmanship.


Since restaurants serve food and drinks, proper hygiene is always a priority that must be observed throughout. And, the most effective way of ensuring that the one you have remains tidy, healthy and appealing at all times is through our professional restaurant cleaning and maintenance service.


We also serve a wide range of religious organizations in Singapore, offering professional church, temple and mosque cleaning and maintenance services.


If you own a ship, our company can always be of great assistance in making sure that the vessels are kept clean and in proper condition for cruising. Simply talk to us for professional ship cleaning and maintenance service.

Industrial Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service

Industrial establishments usually handle different kinds of items, machines and activities in unique environments, which make cleaning and maintenance quite challenging. But, we are here to tell you that cleaning and maintaining your industrial property can now be very easy and more effective with our professional industrial cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service. We specialize in the following areas;


Our personnel can always be dispatched on short notice to deliver professional warehouse cleaning and maintenance service at your location in Singapore. This will save you time and, also keep the space clean and safe.


To enable you keep all your work spaces and equipment tidy and in proper condition, we offer professional construction cleaning and maintenance service.


Whether you operate a small, medium or larger factory in Singapore, our company is the ideal partner that you should always engage for professional factory cleaning and maintenance service.

Facilities Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service

There are a wide range of facilities whose cleaning, conservancy and maintenance can be very challenging without the right skills, equipment and products. However, that should never bother you anymore because; we also provide professional facilities cleaning, conservancy and maintenance for the following;

Swimming Pool

To help swimming pool owners ensure the pools remain fresh and safe throughout, we conduct professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services, which you can always request at your convenience.


Landscaping always provide a unique sense of beauty and added value to property. But, only if they are accorded proper care. Instead of going through all the hassles on your own, contact us for professional landscaping and gardening maintenance service.


At Cleaning Singapore, we are also experts in gym cleaning and maintenance services, offering highly reliable, affordable and efficient workmanship. We serve small, medium and established gym clubs across Singapore.

Event Cleaning Services

After hosting events, there are usually so much litter and destructions that are left behind. Without having someone to properly clean up the spaces and put things back in order, you could easily end up being fined by the authorities. In some cases, you could even be banned from holding events in certain places. Instead of taking all the risks, simply talk to us for professional event cleaning services.

Get the Best Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service Singapore

The only way to ensure effective and efficient cleaning, conservancy and maintenance for your property, facilities and events is through a professional. At Cleaning Singapore, we are committed to providing only the best services that suit your specific needs.

By choosing our company for cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • High quality workmanship offered by professionals
  • Comprehensive and safe cleaning that covers both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Quick service delivery at your own convenience
  • Discounted rates to suit every budget

To us, customer satisfaction is the most important achievement that we strive for in all our projects. Get in touch with us today for the best residential, commercial, facility and industrial cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service Singapore.