Commercial & Corporate Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service


If you own a commercial property, you will agree that cleanliness and hygiene are an important business aspect that must be upheld throughout. While some corporate and commercial organizations may opt to have their employees do the cleaning and maintenance of the premises, such measures only contribute inefficiencies that could significantly jeopardise your operations in the long term.

Cleaning Singapore is the ideal company that you should always rely on for professional commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service Singapore. We specialize in comprehensive cleaning, conservancy and maintenance procedures for a wide range of commercial and corporate property across Singapore. In our work, we always emphasize on providing highly efficient, reliable and affordable service.

Our Commercial and Corporate Cleaning, Conservancy and Maintenance Service


Office cleaning and maintenance is one of the key areas that we focus on. Our personnel have better training and experience to always deliver outstanding cleaning and maintenance procedures for all kinds of office spaces, enabling you keep the one that you have tidy and in proper order throughout.


We also provide professional building cleaning and maintenance service for commercial premises. Whether the entire building is occupied by just one or more businesses, we will make sure it is regularly cleaned and preserved in better conditions for both the occupants and their customers to carry out their daily activities.


At Cleaning Singapore, we also provide cleaning and maintenance solutions for hospitality businesses including, resorts and hotels. Regardless of the size of the property, our company has adequate personnel and the expertise to provide the best hospitality cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.


Our company also serves retail chains and shop owners across Singapore, offering reliable and efficient cleaning and maintenance services. Our retail and shop cleaning and maintenance service will not only save you time but, money too, while also ensuring high standards of hygiene across the premises.


Considering the potential risks involved in performing cleaning and maintenance for healthcare facilities, it is always advisable to leave the tasks to professionals. And, our company is the ideal hospital and clinic cleaning and maintenance service provider that can safely and effectively perform all the tasks at your convenience.

Pub and Bar

Pubs and bars are places where people come to have fun and, this means cleanliness and order should always be a priority to ensure a safe and friendly environment for customers. To help you meet this need, we also provide professional pub and bar cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.


At Cleaning Singapore, we understand how challenging it can be for students to keep up with studies and, still get adequate time for cleaning and maintenance tasks. Thus, we also offer school cleaning and maintenance service so students and their teachers have a more appealing and safe environment to accomplish their academic obligations.

Shopping Centre

In case you own or manage a shopping complex, we can also assist with regular cleaning and maintenance to give it a better facial appeal, preserve hygiene and, enhance its overall value. With our professional shopping centre cleaning and maintenance service, you will be able to provide the right environment for all the occupants to conduct their businesses.


Airport cleaning and maintenance always require a keen attention to detail, proper understanding of the right approaches and time consciousness. At Cleaning Singapore, we have our own trained personnel, innovative cleaning equipment and products to always deliver timely and efficient airport cleaning and maintenance solutions.


To make sure that your customers have a clean and fresh environment to enjoy their food and drinks, it is always important to let a professional handle the cleaning and maintenance of the restaurant. Without looking any further, simply talk to us for professional restaurant cleaning and maintenance service Singapore.


The places of prayer also need to be kept clean and spotless to give the congregation the desired peace of mind therein. Owing to the huge sizes and complex designs of most religious centres, cleaning and maintenance can be overwhelming. But, you can now easily avoid all that with our church, temple and mosque cleaning and maintenance service.


Compared to cars, the cleaning and maintenance of ships requires skills, without which you could easily end up causing serious damage to the vessel. Instead of taking the risks, let us perform professional ship cleaning and maintenance for your vessel. Our service will not only keep the ship clean and safe but, also preserve it in proper condition over time, thus, saving you from the huge costs of frequent repairs and refurbishments.

Get the Best Commercial and Corporate Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Despite the numerous benefits of professional commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service, you can only experience them if you get the right person for the job. At Cleaning Singapore, we offer commercial and corporate cleaning and maintenance with greater emphasis on reliability, efficiency and affordability.

Our commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service not only caters for the internal features of the premises but, also the surrounding areas. Our goal is to ensure that all the tenants and people who use the property have a safe and friendly environment for doing their businesses.

Before conducting cleaning and maintenance procedures, we will carefully inspect the property to highlight the areas that require special attention. Depending on the condition of the premises, there are some maintenance procedures that we may not be able to administer like, repair and refurbishment of equipment.

Our commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service caters for the collection and disposal of wastes, sweeping and moping of floors, removal of cobwebs, cleaning the car park areas and lobby, washing of toilets and facilities rooms among other procedures that you may need.

Based on the operation hours of the businesses, activities conducted on the property and its state, we can schedule daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service. Talk to us today for the best commercial and corporate cleaning, conservancy and maintenance service Singapore.